Additional Verification Services

Driving Record

Provides a record of the candidate’s driving history. Information may include traffic violations, license type, current status, issue date, expiration date, and restrictions. Duration of records vary from state to state.

Employment Verification

Verifies with past employers the positions held by the candidate and dates of employment.

Professional License Verification

Verify license date of issue, current status, actions and/or complaints. This is conducted with the appropriate licensing authority.

Academic Verification

Verifies the candidate’s attendance at educational institutions and often includes the major and minor courses of study, type of degree, degree earned, date of graduation and any honors. If the candidate has not yet graduated, dates of attendance to verify education will substitute.

Credit Reports

The credit report provides valuable insight into the candidate’s financial wellbeing, while satisfying the requirements of the state and federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. We provide Persona Plus, a concise and easy-to-read report from Equifax and Affiliates. Prior to ordering a credit report a one-time inspection is required.

County Civil Records

Search the candidate’s background for evidence of a civil record including: restraining orders, judgments, and liens within the appropriate district.

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