Criminal Background Screening Services

Social Security Number Validation/Address Trace

Verifies the candidate’s Social Security Number through a compilation of credit reporting agencies. In addition, this verification may identify home addresses and any aliases (such as maiden name or a name change) that the candidate failed to disclose.

USA Criminal Index

The USA Criminal Index contains information on convicted felons, individuals that are or have been under the supervision of a State Department of Corrections and some individuals convicted of misdemeanors. The most comprehensive national criminal index available covers all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Index contains almost 600 million criminal records nationwide. If a criminal record is found an additional county criminal record check is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) before an adverse hiring decision can be made.

County Criminal Records

Search for criminal history on the candidate, if any, within the chosen county. Information may include case number, date of the offense, charges, disposition, disposition date, and sentence information. This is the most current, accurate source of criminal records.

National Sex Offender Registry

The most complete National Sex Offender Registry contains information on convicted sex offenders. The most up-to-date Sex Offender Registry available includes data from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rice and participating tribes. The registry contains over 700,000 records nationwide.

U.S. Federal Court Records

Search the candidate’s background for evidence of a civil, criminal, or bankruptcy proceeding within the appropriate Federal District.

Terrorist and Fugitive List

The Homeland Security Search provides a direct search of 34 National and International Terrorist and Fugitive Lists. This search provides an affordable search to ensure that their applicants are not listed on any of the many terrorist and fugitive watch lists that are available in today’s heightened security environment.

State Criminal Records

When available from the state, a search for criminal history on the candidate is completed. Information may be available only to law enforcement agencies and may be outdated or incomplete. In general, county level searches are more reliable. However, state records are an excellent supplemental check.

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